D.L. Strand
D.L. Strand

As much as I’d like to believe that it’s never too late to change course, experience has taught me otherwise.

I did it anway.

Back in 2016, I altered my life’s course drastically.

After working together for 16 years, my wife and I shuttered our business. She began looking for the thing that would fulfill her.  To pay the bills, I stepped back into the film business, a career I’d walked away from decades ago,in order to be present as our kids grew up..

Still, I had an artistic itch I needed to scratch. I started by writing short stories and was thrilled when one of them won 2nd place in an online writing competition. The next step was to create this website – a hub to promote my work and maybe express my thoughts.

Husband, Dad, Writer, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Player, Hoodlum, General Pain in the Ass  – On any given day, I’m at least 4 of these.

If you enjoy this site, please let me know, and share it with your friends. If you hate it, feel free to share it with folks you don’t like.

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